Special Report: Government has little authority to stop unsafe cosmetics

We here at Pretty Toxic are excited to share with you an environmental news story that was recently released by Jane Kay in which we are both featured in.

The article describes the dangers of the Brazilian Blowout, formaldehyde exposure and just how little the government can do in keeping us safe from such toxic cosmetic products.

While we are thrilled to have such a great, informative article out here to help increase public awareness, we are also frustrated by the Brazilian Blowout company’s negligent attitude and incorrect statements mentioned in the story.

They assert that the state of California had not shown “irreparable harm” in the case against the company, when in truth our very own Jennifer Arce supplied medical documents detailing health issues as a result of exposure to their product. So many stylists, such as Jennifer and myself, in fact are suffering from irreparable harm and complicated medical issues because of the Brazilian Blowout. We are disheartened by the careless regard the company has towards stylists and consumers.

Click here to read the amazing and informative article that was months in the making. Please share with us your thoughts and comments!


Our colleague and friend, Natalija, as she explains the dangerous process of the Brazilian Blowout to reporters.

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