Support the Safe Cosmetics Act

Hi everyone! In the fight to help make cosmetics safe we have here the latest way that YOU can support the Safe Cosmetics Act.


Due to legislation enacted nearly 75 years ago, the FDA today has very little authority over the safety of the cosmetics industry. We now have over 80,000 chemicals circulating the personal care market and no one is keeping us safe from the toxic dangers associated with them. In fact, most of the products we consumers use have never even been evaluated for safety!


In 2011, the Safe Cosmetics Act was introduced to Congress as a way to allow the FDA authority when it comes to the cosmetic industry. This means the ability for them to protect consumers from dangerous ingredients that affect our health (such as cancer risk, reproductive and developmental concerns, as well as neurological issues).

Also, we would finally have a full ingredient list disclosed on product labels! When it comes to making informed choices regarding our health, that’s a pretty big deal and we deserve no less.


This March, the Safe Cosmetics Act was reintroduced by Rep. Janice Schakowky. With 15 co-sponsors, the bill has been adjusted even further to accommodate not just consumers, but workers and businesses in a positive way. For further information, check out this great article HERE to read more about the updated Safe Cosmetics Act.


Now, back to how you can help. This link allows you to submit a letter to legislation (CLICK HERE) showing your support of this bill (H.R. Bill 1385). It takes just moments to sign the petition but the effects of this simple effort can help us finally have safe ingredients in our every day personal care products, and the ability to view such ingredients with full disclosure. That’s something we can all agree that we deserve and need!


Sign today and spread the word!

2 thoughts on “Support the Safe Cosmetics Act

    • Thank you, Maria! We are thrilled that you support this. I, too, am from NJ so it’s nice to see someone close to home who understands how important our health and well-being is in this industry, and how much of a risk these toxic products create! Thanks for reaching out! – Dawn

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