Think Dirty!

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has just released an iPhone App called “Think Dirty” that you can use on your hunt for safer products to use!

Scan your personal care products (either at the store or what you already have at home) to see how clean or toxic they really are. If your product is dirty, there are safer alternatives that are recommended from the App.


Think Dirty is continually updating information and refining sources while in the Beta phase, but already has over 11,000 products in the database!

If a product you scan is not already in Think Dirty, simply take a clear picture of the front and back (ingredient label), add the product information and upload it to the Think Dirty database to help add to the collection.

Bonus: During the month of October, Think Dirty will donate one dollar to the Breast Cancer Fund for every product you scan!

Oh, and Android users? Get ready, Think Dirty is coming for you soon.

Start Scanning!

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