Detox your Booth Webinar


Join me this Monday, February 23rd for Woman’s Voices for the Earth’s: “Detox your booth” webinar!


Formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates. These are just a few of the toxic chemicals you may be exposed to if you work in a hair or nail salon.  This exposure could be harming your health.

For example, studies show that salon workers have a higher risk of certain cancers, neurological disorders, and miscarriage than people in other jobs!

Join us to learn more about the chemicals you may be exposed to in the workplace, tips for reducing your exposure, and ways to raise your voice for healthy salons!

I’ll be sharing MY STORY on how my health was forever impacted by toxic Brazilian Blowout, and how it taught me to raise my voice and start a crusade to make salons a safer place!

This is a free one hour event on both the phone and online, once you RSVP you’ll get all the login information that you need!

*RSVP right here*

Hope to hear from you all on Monday! 🙂

To learn more about why this is so important please read:

*Stylists: The choice between our careers and our health

*How rock bottom became my stepping stone

*Are YOU drinking the Keratin Complex Kool-Aid?!?

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