Salon Products with Toxic Chemicals – Staying Informed

WVEWhen it comes to toxic chemicals in salon products, it’s not just the stylists who are affected, but the clients, as well. Consumers and stylists are encouraged to work together in an effort to remove harmful toxins from salons, starting with the types of products that contain the most harmful ingredients.

Here at Pretty Toxic, when we think of dangerous salon products, the first to come to mind is ultimately the Brazilian Blowout and other toxic hair straightening treatments. As me and Jen have continuously covered the latest developments in our journey after being affected by such harmful products, we make sure to take note of product ingredients.

It’s important to remember that salon products are not required to list all of their ingredients, many of which are legally allowed despite their harm since the FDA lacks the authority to approve cosmetics prior to them going on the market. This lack of regulation means there is no testing of ingredients before they hit the shelf. This and the lack of ingredient labeling often has salon workers unaware of the ingredients in the products they encounter on a regular basis.

We at Pretty Toxic, along with Women’s Voices for the Earth, support the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act. This bill would ensure that harmful chemicals in salon products become phased out. Until then, hair stylists and salon consumers can protect themselves by staying informed with regard to the main toxic ingredients found in certain salon products.

Women’s Voices for the Earth has compiled a comprehensive list of the hazardous ingredients to look for in salon products for your reference. Read their informative blog about it and be sure to download their fact sheet for easy access to the list of chemicals and the corresponding health complications. You have the right to know what is in the products you use so you can make the best decisions for your health and safety!


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