Skin Deep

Exciting news from the Environmental Working Group – the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is now an App for your phone!

Now the site that allows consumers to rate and review the safety of 80,000 personal care products is on-the-go once you download the new App. Check out products before buying and know if what you are about to put on your body is safe for you to use.


Since our government in the United States doesn’t require health studies or testing before personal care products hit the market, consumers can rely on this app to know what chemicals and ingredients are in the products they purchase, and how these chemicals can affect a person’s health.

Common products that we use every day such as toothpaste, deodorant, soaps, lotions and more can be found on this App.

Click here for iPhone and Android versions of the App and take charge of what toxins you let into your home and body!

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