The Latest Brazilian Blowout Victim – Jennifer Aniston

When you think of Jennifer Aniston, you often picture her amazing hair. Noted sometimes for wearing long, beachy waves or smooth shiny strands, her hair stands out as being coveted by the masses.

Jen 1

Recently, Aniston was seen sporting a straggly bob in place of her normal style. The real reason she cut her hair? The Brazilian Blowout!

jen 2

If you still (despite all of our warnings) get your hair chemically smoothed by these toxic products, let this serve as a reminder that nothing good can come out of a product that destroys your hair.

Many clients have experienced damaged and lost hair as a result of the Brazilian Blowout and other smoothing treatments, but when it happens to a celebrity more people take notice.

Mary Louise Parker is another who lost her hair due to the Brazilian Blowout. She reportedly said that the treatment exacerbated hair loss. She advises people, “don’t do it!


As for Aniston, she told Elle UK about her recent hair cut, “It wasn’t for a role. My hair went through a phase. I did this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it.”

To learn more about the dangers of the Brazilian Blowout, read about it here – and never forget the importance of embracing and working with your natural texture. You wouldn’t want to have to cut your hair off because a toxic product (that should not even be on the market in the first place) destroyed it!

2 thoughts on “The Latest Brazilian Blowout Victim – Jennifer Aniston

  1. Just a note that I can offer to this. First,I knew it was just a matter of time before we would see this from some of the Hollywood A list. Second, I know Ansiton was having Japanese Thermal Straightening done for years,as a specialist and educator in this service it is not an easy job to do a Thermal service over a Brazilian or visa versa,I have turned many clients away as I knew what the end result would be,on the other hand if one knows the correct procedure it can be done. I do not do and the salon where I freelance does not offer any Brazilian or Keratin services of any kind.
    I am sure we will see more results like hers in the months to come. It’s sad really,some professionals and clients just don’t get it or want to!
    Thank you,
    Sal Logerfo

  2. Thank you for your comment Sal ~ you just gave us an AMAZING idea!! We absolutely LOVE to hear when a salon puts the health of their clients and staff first and refuses to offer these treatments! Cheers to your salon ♥

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