Pretty Toxic’s Top 5 Posts of 2013

#1- Pretty Toxic’s Best of the Worst Awards! 

Not only is this the top post of 2013, it’s our most viewed post of all time!


The salon industry’s biggest supporter Behind the Chair is having their annual “Stylist Choice Awards” ceremony….BUT WAIT….there’s a big fat elephant in the room spoiling the event!

We decide to address this elephant and have a fun little award ceremony of our own! Find out who wins the award for “Best Formaldehyde Rash,” “Most Eye Damage” and “Lipstick on a Pig”.


#2 – Are YOU Drinking the Keratin Complex Kool-Aid?!?

Our #2 post of 2013 AND of all time!


 A hilarious follow-up story to our “Best of the Worst Awards” – Behind the Chair chose a winner and it’s not pretty!

The “winner’s” false advertisement leads stylists to believe their product is “OSHA approved” when OSHA does not “approve” products – see for yourself how fast this misinformation is being spread around the internet through social media!

#3 – How Rock Bottom Became My Stepping Stone

Rock bottom-Jennifer Arce

Why is the Cosmetic Industry in DESPERATE need of reform? This post will show you why! Jennifer shares her personal story for the first time on Pretty Toxic and her decision to take on a massive company that was taking away her health, her friends and her career!

“Rock bottom??? Please…..this is just a stepping stone!! So I dusted myself off, put my big girl panties on and prepared for what was about to become the fight of my life!!”

#4 – Join Us In the Fight to Protect Salon Workers

american salon ad iii

American Salon Magazine irresponsibly named the original Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution as a “2012 Professional Choice Winner.” This formula has prompted numerous government agencies to issue hazard warnings because of the high levels of formaldehyde and was even taken off the market in California because it violated the state’s air quality laws.

We asked YOU to join us in the fight to protect salon workers!

#5 – The Latest Brazilian Blowout Victim – Jennifer Aniston

jen 2

Jennifer Aniston is known for her long silky strands, but has recently been seen sporting a straggly bob. The real reason she cut her hair? The Brazilian Blowout! Find out which other celebrity has fallen victim to this toxic hair treatment!

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