Politics Beauty Broadcast

Hi everyone! It’s Dawn here, wanting to share some information on our latest advocacy endeavors!

Last month, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the weekly internet radio broadcast, Politics Beauty, on Blogtalk Radio to talk about toxic chemicals in salon products. The show is hosted by Tamara Johnson, a previously licensed nail technician, and the broadcast is specific to licensed beauty professionals in our country. Politics Beauty serves as a “voice in legislation” for licensed beauty professionals and as a means to connect the beauty industry to the legislative process affecting licensing, rules and regulations.

Listen in as we talk about dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde in the beauty industry, the effect of these chemicals and the possibility of solutions. Later in the broadcast I jump back on to discuss the current disturbing issue of salons operating without licensed professionals, as well as the ethnic divide in some hair salons. (For those of you short on time, I come on around 19 minutes into the broadcast until about the 36 minute mark, then again at the 90 minute mark until the end.)

Listen to the broadcast here! 

Tamara is running for Georgia State Senate to fight for safer salons and industry standards in our country. Check out her page to see what she is up to and show your support!

After my own life-altering experience with toxic chemicals in the salon, specifically formaldehyde, being a guest on the broadcast was really important to me. I had such a great time speaking with Tamara and co-host Vicki, and was so inspired by the work and vision of Politics Beauty that I accepted a position as the New York Outreach Coordinator! I am so excited to be in this role and be a part of such an active force in our industry!

Stay tuned to Politics Beauty every Monday at 10 a.m. Eastern to hear about the latest issues in the beauty industry! Better yet, call-in and be a part of the discussion or see about how you can be part of the solution!

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